Arena Técnica - Monitoramento de normas Técnicas


Arena Técnica is a multiuser and interactive managing and monitoring system to control and update documents which directly interferes in the quality and safety of products or processes.

Monitoring more than 1 million of bibliographic records of standards and regulations, the platform is customized according to the needs of each company.

Arena has been developed having in mind all the technical staff of the company, in one or more facilities, ensuring that all company experts use the correct version.

Within the many resources, it also allows the professionals to communicate, analyze and share knowledge related to each document in real time.

The tool may be customized for all industrial segments, laboratories, certification bodies and regulatory/standardization agents, especially for companies which must comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 or other management systems.

Regulations of some official bodies are available for reading via redirection to the entity website or to the Official Gazette of the related country. Technical standards are subject to copyright and are not available for reading.

Available through yearly subscription.

Monthly monitoring.

Exhibited in English and Portuguese.


Arena has many resources that comprise their differentials. Check some of them:

Cross-check information of internal procedures, instructions or standards with external standards and regulations.

Generation of diverse reports, of version changes, of addenda, amendments or errata entries, of correlations, with numerous filter options.

Access to catalogs of certified products/services. Your registered standards list will point to available options of standardized products and services or to products of the same technical area. This service is used by engineers in charge of specifying, researching, developing and purchasing products/services ruled by standards.

Control of certificates Cross-check of certificates of products/services compliant with standards and regulations.

Manager of multiple external platforms. Allow users to buy standards on line in different entities, without being tied to a single content provider.



NEW - INMETRO - Regulations (BRAZIL)

Access, Control and Monitoring service. Click the link to details.



Access, Control and Monitoring of FMVSS standards 571.101 to 571.500 - Automotive sector. Click the link to details.




Interview with Mário Cortopassi, Former president of the ISO worldwide (International Organization for Standardization) and of the ABNT (Brazilian National Standards Organization)