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Arena Técnica is a powerful resource to get information on standards and regulations. Subscribe in order to:
  • Access to the monitoring of Inmetro ordinances, presenting the following information:
  • Publishing date of the ordinance in the Official Federal Gazette
  • Status of the ordinance (in force, canceled, under approval, etc.)
  • Summary, whenever available
  • Access to Inmetro website from the chosen ordinance, whenever available.
  • Access to the Official Federal Gazette text for the ordinances issued as of the current year onward.
  • Checking the regulations incorporated to the ordinances issued.
  • Monthly alerts for the changes on issued ordinances.
  • Alerts for correlated ordinances.
At Arena you will also be able to:
  • Organize all your controlled documents
  • Monitor standards incorporated to Inmetro ordinances
  • Monitor standards from the main international standards publishers
  • Bind internal procedures to standards
  • Generate reports listing the standards that underwent changes in the current month
  • Generate reports for audits
  • Generate reports of internal procedures with due dates
  • Talk to your technical team about the standard
  • Perform search filtering to optimize the time and enhance your team productivity
  • Access catalogs of Products and Services certified by a standard

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