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AGREEMENT 1958 and Regulations Annexed (UNECE) with current revisions, amendments and erratas.
AGREEMENT 1998 and Global Technical Regulations (UNGTR) with current revisions, amendments, erratas and appendices.
AGREEMENT 1997and RULES with current revisions, amendments and erratas.

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Arena Técnica is a powerful resource to get information on standards and regulations. Subscribe in order to:
  • Access regulations WP.29
  • Get monthly alerts on regulations which have undergone changes
  • Check regulations publishing dates
  • Check regulations statuses
  • Check which standards are incorporated to the document
At Arena you will also be able to:
  • Organize all your controlled documents
  • Monitor standards incorporated
  • Monitor standards from the main international standards publishers
  • Bind internal procedures to standards
  • Generate reports listing the standards that underwent changes in the current month
  • Generate reports for audits
  • Generate reports of internal procedures with due dates
  • Talk to your technical team about the standard
  • Perform search filtering to optimize the time and enhance your team productivity
  • Access catalogs of Products and Services certified by a standard

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