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Heat Recovering Device for Shower Cabins / CycleDrain®

The CycleDrain®, as the name already suggests, is a heat recovering device that recycles the energy present in the waste water for heating the clean water in shower cabins, providing reduction of ca 40% in energy consumption of showers of any type: through-heaters and boilers powered with electricity, gas, oil etc. The CycleDrain® simply replaces the conventional drain of the shower cabin and demands only a small extension of the clean water line that feeds the showerhead, making it very simple to install, use and maintain, dispensing technical support.

Produzido por
Enercycle Ltda.
Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes - Prédio D4
São Paulo - Brazil
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  • Recycling
  • Other standards related to thermodynamics
  • Energy and heat transfer engineering in general
  • Heat recovery. Thermal insulation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Generators

Standards or technical procedures used

  • ABNT NBR 5648
  • ABNT NBR 5688