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What if you were able to spare time
monitoring your standards?

Arena Técnica is a platform that helps you and your company to keep competitive in a globalized world.


The standards you use are monitored, making it easier to update and organize them and to collaborate with your staff. And soon, Universities, Research Centers and Laboratories will be here together, building their relationships at Central Arena Técnica for innovation purposes.

Monitoring of technical standards (DIN, ASTM, ISO, ABNT, ASME, etc.). Get informed about what the last version of your standard is and whether it can be used or not.
Search the most recent list of monitored entities

Monitoring of standards or technical procedures of companies that make them available to their suppliers (Petrobrás, SABESP, etc.). View the most recent list of monitored companies

Include links and organize documents in an area with restricted access, using keywords to ease the search for standards according to your projects or clients.

Add notes and share them with your team.

Generate reports using your selected filters.

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What our clients say about Arena Técnica:

“Their platform is an excellent tool for controlling the standards due date. Their team has always been available and we have worked in close partnership to enhance the tool. When all the desired functionalities become developed and implemented, the platform will be a reference as I have not seen anything similar in Brazil or in the world.”

Marina S. Santos

Chemtech | A Siemens Business

“Technical Standards monitoring is extremely important to obtain quality and perfection in product manufacturing and elaboration. Arena Técnica informs in a clear and precise manner the status of the standards with their approved changes, providing confidence and peace of mind to its customer companies. I am pleased and thankful for their competence and attention.”

Liliana Pilon Niero

Maccaferri do Brasil

“I consider Arena Técnica's project quite interesting as it allows the companies to learn about, know and even obtain the documents that can be analyzed and used. I do not know any other company, even outside Brazil, which provides the services Arena Técnica does.”

Mario Cortopassi

Former president of the ISO worldwide (International Organization for Standardization) and of the ABNT (Brazilian National Standards Organization)

Mário Cortopassi, Former president of the ISO worldwide (International Organization for Standardization) and of the ABNT (Brazilian National Standards Organization)

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