Arena Técnica - Monitoramento de normas Técnicas
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Technicians and Engineers

When your routine is related to the development, innovation, compliance of products and services, tests, specifications, certifications and many other jobs involving standards, regulations, specifications and procedures, you do not need to do all by yourself or to rely on third parties to get access to information. Get peace of mind to focus exclusively on your job.

Arena Técnica manages, controls and monitors all your standards list with full efficiency.

Be aware of the Features and Advantages

  • It monitors your standards master list (versions, errata, addenda)
  • It accesses and monitors regulations
  • It correlates standards and regulations with your internal procedures and instructions
  • It provides features to cross-check information between documents
  • It sends you alerts
  • It generates reports for audits and internal use
  • It helps you share analysis and comments with your team
  • It provides you access to catalogs of available products/services via registered standards or regulations
  • It controls certificates issued for your company and for suppliers
  • It provides shortcuts to access multi platforms for reading documents
  • It provides various management features for all documents you use


Suitable for B2B companies offering products or services for the industrial sector. Be within reach of the professionals responsible for specifying products for projects, hiring services, managing quality, searching components for the development of products.

If your company has products or services certified by standards or regulations, then Arena Técnica is for you.

Be aware of the benefits

  • Your catalog of products and services is available to the users, according to the related standard or activity involved and also indexed onto the Internet
  • The certificate is visible to the user who can include it in Arena
  • Samples of your products may be requested directly from the platform to your sales team

Be aware of the Advantages

  • Proximity with your target market
  • Direct contact with the customer, there is no broker in the negotiations
  • Expertise in making your product/service visible via the standard or regulation monitored by our clients


Our aim is to develop an interactive environment, easy to navigate which delivers exactly the data needs of your technical staff. In order to achieve that, we are always researching, developing and implementing new features, as well as enlarging our information base, which nowadays contains more than 1 million records.

Ensure the control and achieve the expected results, keeping your competitiveness and eliminating problems and losses arising from the lack of standards management.

Be aware of the Advantages

  • Enhance the safety of your end product
  • Minimize risks and losses with recalls or non-compliant deliveries
  • Optimize your experts time spent with bureaucratic documents
  • Manage corporate standards or instructions and make them available to the production chain (Car manufacturers)
  • Increase the safety and compliance in the production chain, for the purchased product or hired service
  • Organize the technical knowledge on the analysis of standards and regulations
  • Has a business friendly environment. See Marketing
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